NJ Beach Bar: Creative Tats

        In July and August, I live a double work life.  Monday thru Thursday I am cubicle girl– working in an office confined to a windowless gray box.  I sit behind two computer screens running budget reports, sending “please advice” emails, composing official documents for official business.  Most days my eyes drift upward to a drop ceiling while my mind muses about life outside this gray box.  Friday thru Sunday I experience this ‘outside life’ as a beach bar waitress– serving buckets of beer and baskets of fries.  Here I am a certified hustler, flip flopping through the sand slinging frozen drinks and coveted cabanas for cash money.  My job is to ensure my guests happily slip into a state of debauchery without becoming belligerently drunk- a hard balance to achieve.  This past weekend I had to wake up the above gent who failed this balance challenge.  When I removed his towel, I uncovered a red sharpie penis drawing.  I guess similar to farts, random drawings of male genital are timelessly funny.


A Warrior Princess 


One comment on “NJ Beach Bar: Creative Tats

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