Daily Emails from the Universe

Two weeks ago my friend sent me an email asking, “Do you subscribe to   ‘Notes From the Universe’. I get an email Monday through Friday from the Universe. They’re wonderful.”  I hesitated, wanting rather to balk defiantly back at ‘the Universe’, as if to say, “Oh no you don’t Great Wise Universe, I’m not going to fall for this trick.” I mean I am already Fortuna’s favorite little fool; must I also be the Universe’s daily puppet? What can I say-I am a Warrior Princess- I balk.  However, curiosity seeped in and once that happens you can forgetaboutit (insert soprano-like Italian accent). I relented, giving the universe my email.  Perhaps, a small step towards a giant leap of letting go. 

Anyways, today I received this email:

Whoever said that you can’t have it all, Warrior Princess, must have been a young soul.

Among other things, time and space actually exist to teach you that you can.

Rock it,

The Universe

I have been waiting for someone to tell me that my entire life.  Instead, I’ve spent enormous amounts of energy defending that position, telling others to jump off my cloud and stop weighing me down.  As my nephew would say, “Haters gonna hate.”  I am happy to report- that although I might be on a different cloud at a more optimal flying altitude- I still defend that position and intend on ‘having it all’.  Why not? This concept of ‘having it all’ is based on one’s own personal interpretation as to what that is. At the end of the day, if I’m jiving in love and thriving in peace….I’m having all!  The universal timing of this message delivered to me by the Infinite Universe felt like a rush of energy surging through my veins. I smiled back at my computer screen (Estelle singing in my ears) and replied, “Why thank you, Infinite Universe.  You Rock too.”

Leaps and Bounds,

A Warrior Princess

Ps. If you want to be part of the universal fun, sign up here‘Notes From the Universe’😕


3 comments on “Daily Emails from the Universe

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  2. […] We are about to get personal. When the world spins in such a way that things get tangled, turned inside out and upside down, exposing fundamental life contradictions that fragment a soul, confuse a mind and leave a spirit to feel broken and alone—at thes times I take solace knowing that I have my three spiritual believes to fall back on. They are my foundation. The fruit of soul-searching, scholarship, life-experience, relationships, risk taking, and trial and error experiments where I am both the test rat and the scientist. These beliefs are mine. I don’t need them to be validated by others. In fact, I rarely share them. However, I was reminded of these beliefs in both my morning free write and in today’s email from the universe: […]

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