This Just In…


Lately, I have been telling people that I am pregnant with a magnificent literary baby.  I rub my stomach, swig my beer and smile as the other person tries to wrap their brain around this radical idea of conception.  Patiently I explain, this birth will take more than 9 months and will not be a vaginal delivery. Rather this sweet little baby of mine is wiggling its way up my throat.  I pause here.  Put down my beer, move my hand to my throat and offer in my best DJ Kool impersonation, “Ah huh ah huh ah, let me clear my throat.” 

The reception of this news is varied and utterly entertaining.

On Friday night I caught up with a fellow Goddess writer friend of mine.  She was delighted to hear the news and was also excited to share that her first literary baby will be delivered to the world in November at an arts festival.  She suggested throwing a baby shower soiree, I was delighted to host.  And so it was written.

To making up your own rules,

A Warrior Princess  


3 comments on “This Just In…

  1. Kr says:

    Nice. Don’t think this can be compared to squeezing out n 9 lb 1 oz 23 in baby from your vagina. But if you feel like writing a book is similar to that pain n suffering don’t attempt child birth.

  2. […] I did it!  I completed 51,000 words on Monday the 26th, five days early.  It felt good to be early; I am never on time when it comes to my writing.  One of my favorite parts of this competition was submitting my manuscript to Nanowrimo.  As I navigated the site, copied and pasted sections of my novel from a word document to their word counting system, All Shades Yellow sat next to me coaching me through this literary baby delivery. […]

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