Office Happenings: Azzzza-Bazzzha

At work I use to be housed in an interior cubby: no windows, no overhead lights due to heat and at all times 3 fans circulating. (Insert: humming noise that sounds like engine jets)  This is where All Shades Yellow and I first met; like the big children we love to be we named our shared work space the bat cave, asked work related questions like, “Holy Toledo Batman! What do we do with this check?”, and found our very own Commissioner Gordon on the opposite end of Gotham (a.k.a our office.) Before becoming Commissioner Gordon this coworker always reminded me of a happy-go-lucky Bill Cosby.   

Over the course of 6 months the bat cave joke continuously played out.  All Shades Yellow and I needed something to keep our thoughts yellow and happy. Tedious, mundane work threatened daily to fill the world with dark ‘f@ck my life’ type thoughts.  We were in full survival mode and thankfully the commissioner took his role seriously.  Occasionally, he’d send us high alert emails about the Joker’s latest tricks or do random impersonations around the office which always made me laugh like a kid. Not that polite office laugh you sometimes have to pull out but rather the old school kind where something silly catches you off guard and tickles your fancy.  I adore laughing, fact.  The more I laughed the more the commissioner hammed it up coming up with new material.

Time went on, we survived and All Shades Yellow and I both got promoted leaving the bat cave behind.  My new office real-estate located right next to the kitchen is grand central station.  Which means everybody walks by at least twice a day.  I am on display in a way that I can’t quite control and at times it grates on me.  Other times its nice having random cool people swing by and jump in on conversation.  Today, the commissioner walked by as I was talking to another coworker.  I saw him in passing and offered, “Aahzzz-A  Bahzzz-A” .  The other coworker looked quizzically at us, I deferred to the Commissioner for an explanation.  I enjoy the fact that every time he explains the origin of “Aahzzz-A Bahzzz-A” it’s always with the same neighborhood character Mr. Holmes but a different story unfolding.  I am also a sucker for listening to stories. 

The Commissioner began, “Every fourth of July, growing up you could bet on our neighbor Mr. Robinson getting drunk and walking out on his front porch naked with only a cowboy hat on.  My father would run up to him with a blanket telling Mr. Robinson, ‘C’mon, now. Nobody wants to see that’ while my mother covered her eyes and tried to shield us children from seeing him.  Mr. Robinson’s wife would come out saying, ‘Ah, hell not again Larry.’ Then, out came old man Mr. Holmes to see what all the hollering and fussing was about.  He’d take in the scene and mumble to himself, ‘Aaahzzz-A Bahzzz-A’ waving his hand in disgust and closing the door on Mr. Robinson’s exposed junk.  This happened every fourth of July like clockwork.”   


Aaahzz-A Bahzzz-A,

A Warrior Princess


2 comments on “Office Happenings: Azzzza-Bazzzha

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