NJ Beach Car: Complimentary Guest

This summer has been a sunglass saga of woe.  It began with my first pair of sunglasses purchased via Groupon for 20 dollars.  They were big, black and fabulous.  The type of Jackie-O shades that lures your inner Goddess out to play. Remember it is 2012 year of the strut- sunscreen is their responsibility.  Those glasses had me shining. Alas, I left them at the office one night and in morning they were gone.  I can only hope that their new inherited owner appreciated their strutting capabilities.  In a last minute scramble, I purchased a purple pair of shades with two white flyaway stripes, trading in classy for sassy.  They were $12 and could funkify your life.  I left those shades at a girlfriend’s house, had to report to my NJ beach waitressing gig the next morning and in an act of desperation bought a pair of suitable pink ones for $20.  They were ‘cute’ as the sales guy told me.  I have never been a ‘cute’ type girl, always thought that word was the equivalent of ‘average’, but the price was right.  Four days later I went to the bathroom at happy hour, flicked my head in some way that caused my ‘cute’ shades to end up in my very own pool of piss.  I did what any self-respecting woman would do; I reached in and retrieved those bad boys with the rationalization ‘nobody has to know’.  After a thorough washing,  I dropped the shades on the ground and an arm handle broke off flinging across the floor.  Now Fortuna and I were starting to dance (insert low guttural growl) The next day, I was back to the scramble having 20 minutes to find a pair of shades that were under $20 dollars, and they had to have enough swagger to still make me look “tip-worthy” for the beach. Hy yi yi, sometimes you have to play for the crowd.  This time I went retro, straight from the eighties green/blue reflection shades that make me laugh when I put them on.

All Shades Yellow has witnessed this entire saga. The other day she insisted I purchase a pair of $5 sunglasses as backup from the guy on the corner. Like a dutiful daughter, I obliged.  We found a pair that looked like the knock-off version of my Jackie-O shades of yore.  I sported them this past weekend at the beach bar.  On Saturday, I served a group of thirsty gentleman for 7 hours.  As the sunset they asked for their check.  I returned with my shades on top of my head.  The one attractive man said, “Hey you look better without your shades on.”  I removed my shades from my head and stared at them evaluating their worth, “Yeah, well there is a whole saga attached to these, they were sort of a quick fix.” In my head I felt for the poor rejected shades.  The man stared back in my eyes and smiled, “No, I mean you just look better without shades on. You’re beautiful.”  I melted inside and blushed on the outside.   A passing moment, I’ll never see that man again, but he made me feel way better than any of those shades could and it was free of charge. The best things in life come that way, free of charge.

To the little things,

A Warrior Princess


One comment on “NJ Beach Car: Complimentary Guest

  1. Kr says:

    Dear WP,
    You are beautiful and dont need shades to make you pretty. So happy the shades that fell in the loo weren’t borrowed from me.

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