A few weeks ago I was sipping drinks with a fellow Goddess, the conversation turned to men.  I laughed and told her if I could write a classified to the Universe it would read:  “Warrior Princess needs a real, Bonafide Man (Pun intended).”  We giggled in that naughty little way that Goddesses are allowed to giggle and continue drinking/chatting the night away.  The next day, I arrived at work and was required to change one of my passwords.  Remembering our chat, I hurriedly typed in “Bonafide1”.   For three weeks now I have been typing in “Bonafide1”, feeling very clever and a tad bit silly.  And then today I received an email from my roommate. Subject line read: “I found your kind of man…” and included in the body was this song Bonafied Lovin'” by Chromeo. (click on it and have a listen). This email exchange made me giddy as this very song, which I had previously known and adored, was part of the inspiration for my classified to the universe. “Spot on,” I replied.  Who knows if the universe is listening to me or if this is just Fickle Fortuna having some fun?  It doesn’t matter, because either way the song fills me up with hope of a Bonafide Man on the horizon.  I’ll be unplugged, sitting on the beach soaking up that horizon with members of my tribe.  Revel in the silence.

To be continued…

A Warrior Princess


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