The Purge

In two weeks I am moving from a three story house with three roommates to a studio apartment fit for one.  The thought of inhabiting a new space in which I have full creative ownership causes little goose bumps of excitement to sprout throughout my body; this is how I know something is right.  I can always feel it before I can explain it.  However, despite being excited about the studio, I was not thrilled at the logistics of moving. (Insert low guttural moan).

On Sunday night I forced myself to begin.  In the very first closet I found the blue backpack I used to travel around Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe.  I had a moment with my backpack, it stared back at me glaring and laughing.  It said something along the lines of, “Warrior Princess, do not be a silly girl, for two months of your life all your belongings fit right here, into this over-sized bag. And you were perfectly taken care of.  Now all your things must fit into a studio apartment, so go ahead and purge girl…get rid of all the excess baggage you no longer need to carry. ” I was sad as I thought about this, knowing that part of that purge was saying goodbye to the backpack.  I began wondering if that means in life I’m no longer going to need a backpacker’s pack, if I’ll never experience that type of foreign travel again.  I sat on the floor, backpack on lap, letting the thoughts run through me until I started laughing at my own silly attachments.  I can be such a silly girl.  It dawned on me, both metaphorically and literally, that I am going through a HUGE life purge.  And that right now, in this moment of time, I don’t require a backpacker’s pack because I am moving into a studio apartment that requires clutter-free space.  This is an opportunity to let go of old attachments and things to clear space for new adventures and possibilities to blossom.  This realization allowed me to return “the purge” with renewed fervor and excitement.  After all, new beginnings are like a fresh field of untouched powder, just waiting for you to come along and carve out your signature in the snow.  (A ski reference: if you’ve never experienced powder then you’ll have to trust me that it’s one of the best natural highs I’ve ever known.)

Taking care of business,

A Warrior Princess


One comment on “The Purge

  1. Kr says:

    You could purge your pack with me:-)

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