Double Dog Dare: Full Album Listening

Awhile back I read an interview with Tom Petty, in it he spoke about the lost art of crafting an album.  He said something along the lines that in this digital era of downloadable songs most artists aren’t taking the time to craft albums; instead they are concentrating on individual songs with wide base appeal.  However, he prefers and appreciates the art of crafting an album.  He pointed out that there is intention to the ensemble of songs, how they are designed to flow one after another in way that tells an overarching story. Of course, it would be helpful if I could remember the magazine I read this article in and quote Mr. Petty accurately.  Details are not my strong point.  I’m more of a broad stroke, big picture type gal.  The message however stuck with me and today I double dog dare you to carve out the time and listen to entire album, front to back, of your choosing.  I am currently listening to the Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. (click to listen).  I stopped halfway through Fixing a Hole to write this muse and let me tell you it is like going on a journey with an old friend.

Soundscapes of Yore,

A Warrior Princess


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