Warrior Class (2)

Tonight I go to Warrior Class (aka Capoeira).  This class is like a tonic for my soul.  No matter what mood I’m in at the beginning, by the end I am transformed into a blissful state of being.  I leave at peace with myself and I get filled up with love.  My ego, on the other hand, crawls home hurting.  It gets diced, sliced and served up on a silver platter.  Capoeira is as humbling as any ski mountain I’ve ever known.

When I use to ski 5-7 days a week out in Park City, Ut, I got really, really good.  The terrain I was entering was beyond anything I could have imagined myself doing.  After one epic day, I texted my friend and said, “Man, oh man, I owned the mountain today.” He replied back, “You never own the mountain, never, it always owns you.”  That wasn’t the response I expected but a lesson I have periodically reflected on.  It’s so true.  Skiing isn’t about dominating or winning, it’s about becoming one with the snow and the undulating curves of the mountain.  The less tense you are and the more relaxed you become the better you ski. Fact.  Skiing is about letting go and trusting yourself to venture into the unknown. The only way to do this with confidence and ease is to train your body so that it’s prepared to handle whatever terrain you throw its way.  The same is true with Capoeira only here it’s about allowing the music to guide your movement and get you in rhythmic dialogue with the person you’re playing.  I watch my fellow warriors in the roda and I’m in awe, there is such grace to their movements.  Unlike skiing, something I started when I was two, I am a novice to Capoeira.  It is something so foreign to me at times I get frustrated or feel incompetent.  There are times I want to throw in the towel and quit because I like to be good at things.  But I keep coming back because I have made a commitment to become a Warrior Princess who can enter a roda with prowess and grace.  I am making it a priority in my life. Coworkers ask me to go out for happy hour and I shrug my shoulders back, “Sorry, I have warrior tonight.”  I’m not that sorry though, one day I will be able to do some crazy mortal combat sh*t.  And that is what dreaming is all about.

Jiving and thriving,

A Warrior Princess


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