Double Dog Dare: Finding Your Happy Place


I double dog dare you to walk to any destination of your choosing for 5-20 minutes with a smile on your face. My definition of a smile is a loose one; only the corners of your mouth must be upturned. No teeth bearing necessary. I did this on my morning walk to work. It made me think of the Gilbert book Eat, Pray, Love. In Indonesia the medicine man asks her to sit in mediation with a smile on her face for 20 minutes a day. Take this concept to the streets and it’s beyond entertaining to see what happens around you and inside you.

My personal account: I had to channel Happy Gilmore and go to my Happy Place in order to keep the corners lifted. (if you don’t have a Happy Place this is an excellent place to start thinking up one). People interact with you- either they want to know what the heck you are smiling about or pleasantly they smile back. I received a handful of colorful greetings that added some extra spice to my routine walk. And, when I got about 5 minutes away from work, after 15 minutes of smiling, I started to feel really silly about still smiling. Of course, this made me laugh which is a nice thing to do before entering cubicle world. I’m calling it a fresh start. Go on and try it…I Double Dog Dare you.


Frowns are for losers,

A Warrior Princess



2 comments on “Double Dog Dare: Finding Your Happy Place

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Did that two Sundays ago on my way to church in your city of brotherly love. Only I dared myself to say hello to anyone that crossed my path. It was a very satisfying experience.

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