Life Randomness

This morning I woke up to a man singing, it sounded more like an old frog croaking than a human. At 5:00 am, I was disoriented and not amused. At first, this noise seemed to be coming from the apartment down the hall. I have yet to meet the tenant but know he is an older gentleman. What an odd introduction. I rolled over in bed and the singing grew louder. I then realized it was coming from the street. I groaned audibly as some other person on the street yelled at Mr. Morning Casanova. He was unalarmed and kept on croaking.

When I got to work I received a series of picture text message from my nephew. He is 14 and just got a cell phone, receiving his text messages are a wonderful novelty. He was on a bike tour of Philadelphia. For about two hours random shots of the city trickled in with funny captions. The fourth picture he shared was of a park near my house, caption read: “Chillin like a villin in ur hood.” After that I received the picture featured above. The caption read: “Just a random shirtless guy having a rap off with himself, the usual.” To which I replied, “I think I heard him practicing outside my window at 5am. Please throw a rock directly at his eye for me…”

Sticks and Stones,

A Warrior Princess


One comment on “Life Randomness

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