From the Tribe: Food Love

In a big family, one-on-one time with your folks is a rarity, even more so is the chance to complete a thought, sentence or story before some other family member cuts you off with their two cents. I revel in the opportunity of having my parents to myself; they like to spoil me with love and I in turn am happy to swim in it. Last weekend, I paid them visit. There are a few things that I can count on during such visits. There will be lots of food, drink, laughter and very little sleep. In the morning, I will wake up to my dad over the stove, spatula in hand, silly weekend grin on his face and an omelet station to his right.

My dad is notoriously a morning person; some of his best material comes out before 11:00am. Excitedly, he will say “Good morning. Can I make you an egg?” It doesn’t matter that I know this is going to happen; the same warm feeling comes over me as I say, “Dad, of course you can make me an egg. I’ll take the works.” He skips right into action like a cartoon chef; this is his hour to heckle and jeckle as he prepares the food. Now it’s my mom’s turn, “Can I make you some coffee?” My mom despises coffee, but she knows that I think coffee is 3X better when someone else brews it for you. I sit back and watch the two of them happy to be a part of this crazy unit we call family.

When it’s time for me to leave my mom sneaks to the pantry with a brown paper bag selectively filling it will half open cereal boxes, bags of rice and can goods. My dad catches her mid grab and barks “Hey, hey, hey…what you doing? We aren’t a grocery store here. Jesus.” I blush at the charity. My mom sees my embarrassment and shouts back, “Shut Up, John. Just a couple of things.” Meanwhile, my father is going through the fridge/freezer looking for food he has made. This time he came back with a 22lb frozen turkey. I look at him baffled, “You know I live by myself in a studio, right?”

“Take the bird, take the bird!” my mom insists, shooing me out of the house before there is time for second thoughts. I take the bird. This Saturday when people asked me what I was doing, I told them, “I’m cooking a Turkey.” (featured above is a picture of the end product.)

Gobble, Gobble

A Warrior Princess


2 comments on “From the Tribe: Food Love

  1. Mamacita says:

    What does one worrier princess plan on doing with her 22lb bird? Suggestions: turkey pot pie, soup, turkey shepards pie….so what are your plans. Last time I checked you were trying to consume more veggies then meat. This doesn’t seem to fit the bill.

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG! This story reminds me of my parents and brought tears to my eyes of the memory! You are blessed to still have both of your parents to spoil and fuss over you! That is truly a great feeling! Thanks for sharing!

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