Open Suggestion Box

At high noon, I received a text from Nephew Pat: “Roll the Dice.” I smiled remembering our conversation last night. I had called to elicit his help in crafting a scary Halloween story for 20-30 kids between the ages of 6-11 at my sister’s annual Halloween party this Saturday. For two years now, the kids have asked me to tell a spooky tale. Unprepared, I make them up on the spot. They are average stories at best. This year, I decided to up the ante and bring in Nephew Pat- a creative mastermind. Last night, we decided I would roll my story dice, compliments of The Little Red Writing Kit I purchased at the university bookstore one afternoon when I was feeling uncreative and gray box like. After the dice gave us the basic story structure, Nephew Pat and I would individually free write tales and collaborate on Friday.

I rolled the dice.

My text reply, “Drum roll please…our HERO is a female adult in a SCIFI whose story narrative involves an ESCAPE (hero must get away from an enemy, a place, or an internal conflict). The PLOT twist (a complication in the story) involves a TRAP (difficult situation inhibits your hero’s ability to progress. As an added bonus, I am sending along pictorial inspiration (picture featured above), something I stumbled upon this morning on my walk to work that freaked me out.”

I am opening up the story suggestion box to all you creative minds. Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

Spinning a Tale,

A Warrior Princess



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