Goddess Jams

This Friday jam is for my fellow Goddesses….

My mama taught me that when you work hard you get to play hard. It’s been a long, productive week. I’m ready to play. On the lineup tonight is a dance party with Soul Sister and friends. I’m ready to wash the windows, mow the lawn and go grocery shopping (a dance ensemble I learned last weekend from a DC Goddess)

Jams below are to get your juices flowing in the right directions…(click on artists below to listen)

JJ Grey & Mofro- On Fire — Goddess, you are on FIRE

Electrik- P is for Power–Your Inner Goddess Shine…is your power.

Robyn- Konichiwa Bitches–All Goddesses snare drums are illicit, true story.

Janelle Monae- Tightrope–Its a balance thang, all Goddesses know this

R Kelly- Slow Wind–Makin em plead, your such a Goddess

Make ’em drool,

A Warrior Princess


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