Emails from the Universe

We are about to get personal. When the world spins in such a way that things get tangled, turned inside out and upside down, exposing fundamental life contradictions that fragment a soul, confuse a mind and leave a spirit to feel broken and alone—at thes times I take solace knowing that I have my three spiritual believes to fall back on. They are my foundation. The fruit of soul-searching, scholarship, life-experience, relationships, risk taking, and trial and error experiments where I am both the test rat and the scientist. These beliefs are mine. I don’t need them to be validated by others. In fact, I rarely share them. However, I was reminded of these beliefs in both my morning free write and in today’s email from the universe:

Turning up the love, Warrior Princess.

Turns on everything else.

Love up,

The Universe

If sharing is caring, then I am taking the universal challenge to “Love up.” My three spiritual beliefs remain:

1. Light attracts light.

2. Love brings beauty.

3. Truth, via honest conversations with yourself and others, sets you free.

For me it works like this: When my internal energy meter is balanced and harmonized it creates a universal flow through my body that radiates like a light beam. It also creates a frequency that attracts other light beings. The source of this light is Love. The more I am surrounded by Love, the more I open my heart up to channels of Love, the more beauty I create and is present in my life. Consequently, the more life appears beautiful.

For instance, there is a trail in Utah that I use to love hiking.  At this time of year, the aspens lined the path with a vibrant collection of yellow leaves like Dorothy’s yellow brick road. When I walked this path worry-free and filled with love, the experience was dream like, nature came alive and spoke to me in a Wordsworth type way. However, if I hiked with a heavy heart and confused mind the path lost some of its luster and I was too self-absorbed to see all the hidden beauty between the falling leaves. Same trail just a different lense of perception.

As for the honest conversations, this part is HARD and a daily challenge. I like to imagine that my currency is Love in dealing with people. Trust me these honest conversations often turn into creative curses aimed at Fickle Fortuna, who is one of my favorite scapegoats.

Love is My Religion by Ziggy Marley sums this up in a song.

Love and Peace,

A Warrior Princess

Ps. If you want to be part of the universal fun, sign up here ‘Notes From the Universe’


One comment on “Emails from the Universe

  1. […] beauty and power of Truth, however, is that it can influence and change you.  By engaging in honest conversations with myself and others I continuously learn about life and more importantly I have nothing to hide, […]

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