Your Great Dream

Last year for Christmas, my younger brother Sea Wolf gave me a Zen Garden. The garden was accompanied with a thin, pocketsize book called Zen Garden: Book of Meditations.

In my purse, I carry the fiercest assortment of weapons a Warrior Princess can posses-a journal, book and pen. On bonus days, I also have this book of meditations. I use it the way people use the black eight ball toy that you shake and flip to read your fortune. Similarly, whenever I get frustrated, need direction, or just want to check in with the universe I will open a randomn page in this book. I use it sparingly; this book does not play, it spits out wisdom like an old person, without apology.

During Hurricane Sandy’s visit I spent a lot of time preparing for NANOWRIMO– a novel writing competition in November- the task is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. This year, I decided to go ALL IN taking vacation days to write. I am of the belief that realizing a dream is one of the greatest natural highs we can experience. Writing this novel has become one of my greatest life dreams, the exciting part is that I can now taste it, I know it’s within reach.

I took a quiet moment to reflect on the task ahead and before doing consulted my all knowing Zen Garden: Book of Meditations. The page opened to the picture above. I got chills upon reading it; all three things listed are intricately connected to my novel, like arrows pointing out a path. A gypsy woman once told me- when you get chills, you’ve stumbled upon Truth. There is gypsy in my blood; the chills were as real as frostbite on the skin.

I share this with you because in the month of November, as I work towards realizing my Great Dream, I’d like to invite each of you to actively start dreaming up your own. Two years ago, I took a course called Future Best Self taught by Robert (Reb) Rebele. Reb is a graduate of the Positive Psychology program at University of Penn (one of the few of its kind). His course Future Best Self was his thesis project. Unknowingly, I was a participant in his pilot class. When I found this out at the completion of the course, I was 5x more motivated. It felt like poetry in motion; I was crafting up dreams while he was realizing his own, which meant mine too could come true.

The class was designed to help reengage and imagine our futures without being anchored by the limitations of the past, a clean white page upon which you get to place the dots, connect the lines and color in the magic. It is not just for writers; rather it uses writing as a tool to get in touch with your inner dreams, the ones in the pit of your belly swirling and dancing, waiting to be uncovered. Trust me, the course has an imaginative wind that surprises, inspires, invigorates and most importantly is plain fun. If you choose to play, the segment with be called Your Great Dream. Each week I will submit the exercises that we were given in class.

Week 1: Discover- Positive Introductions

Write a positive introduction about yourself. Write a moment in time when you felt like you were at you absolute best. Tell of what you were doing and feeling, write about the people, places and things involved. This is your chance to brag, go ahead and take it.

Whales Dream,

A Warrior Princess


3 comments on “Your Great Dream

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