Your Great Dream

I’m chugging along over here like the Little Engine That Could fueled on pure belief-in-self; puffing out clouds of hot air hoping I have the stamina to make this ascent. Featured above are my current stats- so far the numbers aren’t bad but it’s still a long journey ahead. I am realizing that as a writer I must be a healthy self-disciplinarian- getting up early in the morning to write, setting deadlines, turning down social events, eating healthy, keeping to a workout schedule, ect. But I also must be a supportive friend- embracing imperfection, being kind to myself, accepting that creation needs time and space to breath, celebrating the small feats, and making sure to go out and have fun with others, for after all writing is about living.

If you are participating in Your Great Dream challenge, I hope you enjoyed writing your positive introductions. I Double Dog Dare you to post them here, trust me sharing these introductions can be really inspiring and fun! The next exercise in this series is below:

Dream: Many Possible Selves

This week, your assignment is to dream up your many possible selves. The core process we’re going to use this week is imagination, and I want you to structure your writing time this week in a way that lets your imagination run wild. No editing, no filtering, no second-guessing, no wondering about practicalities. This week I want you to dream up the nouns (people, places, things) and verbs (being, doing) that will make up the story of your best possible life.

To explore this, I want you to take only one topic at a time (people, places, things, being, OR doing) and free-write for at least 20 minutes about its role in your best possible future. Here are some starter questions to help you begin each topic:

• People: If your life is going as well as you could have possibly hoped, who are the important people in your life and how do you stay connected?

• Places: Where do you spend your time – what places and spaces do you imagine yourself living, working, and playing in?

• Things: In your ideal future, what are your most prized possessions? They could be as big as your house or as small as the memento on your desk from that around-the-world trip you always wanted to take. They could even be abstract, like the diploma from your child’s college education that you were able to pay for. We all have “things” that bring us joy and meaning and connection – what are yours in your future?

• Being: What kind of person do you want to be when you grow up? What are your defining qualities and characteristics? To get started with some ideas, you may want to check out the VIA Classification of Character Strengths, where you can review a list of 24 strengths of character and take a free questionnaire to identify your signature strengths.

• Doing: What will you be doing in your future life, both for work and for play? What’s the first thing you do in the morning or the last thing you do before bed? How do you fill the hours in between?

Ideally you can take one topic per day and run with it. If you need to combine multiple topics into one day for schedule reasons, just be sure to give yourself a sufficient break between writing sessions so that you can approach the second topic with a fresh approach.

Unicorns and Mermaids,

A Warrior Princess



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