A Morning Jam


Late in September, I went for a hike through the gorges of Ithaca, New York.  The start of my journey began at the step path featured above.  Inspired by its unassuming beauty, I paused to take a picture.  A whispering wind blew in from behind, lifting my hair off my shoulders and distracting my eyes away from the camera lense.  Instead, I watched the wind move up the path, shifting the shrubbery and causing an inviting whisper of branches and leaves.  Mother Nature’s calling for me to ascend. I obliged, excited at the possibilities of the unknown and the wonder I’d find on the other side.  Like Led Zeppelin, I had found my very own Staircase to Heaven. (Click to Listen)

Pay the Piper,

A Warrior Princess


One comment on “A Morning Jam

  1. Yes Chant says:

    Beautiful Picture. Great seeing you yesterday.

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