Quasi Life Coach: Pearls of Wisdom

My Quasi-Life Coach is a successful financial consultant with his very own business.  And true to form, he approaches marketing with innovation and creativity.  The other day, I learned that he sends two packets of a Butterfly Garden Flower Mix to his new costumers.  The packets have his business logo featured on the front with a pretty picture of flowers and the tag line: Thank you for growing with us. 

I don’t yet have the money to be one of his clients (trust me, I’m working on this) but he sent me two of these packets, along with his business card and the above picture/note.  Apparently he takes his job as my Quasi-life coach seriously, peppering my mailbox with these little pearls of wisdom.

Kicking @ss,

A Warrior Princess

Disclaimer: The man featured in the picture above is NOT my quasi-life coach.  Thank God, otherwise it would be a really disturbing picture.


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