Hot Off the Press


I spent the holiday counting my blessings, drinking my calories and helping myself to seconds.  During our thanksgiving feast my niece Madeline (Nephew Pat’s little sister) placed a folded newspaper in my hands.  She told me to turn to page 9.  I smiled remembering the last time she was featured in a paper; she was four, I was her nanny and the caption read something like: Philadelphia Youth Beating the Heat.  Featured below was a picture of my niece on top of a fish blowing water into the middle of a Philadelphia fountain.  I found out about it via a phone call from my sister:

“Maddie got in the paper…” she told me.

“REALLY! That’s great what did she do?”

“Well, apparently she has found swimming in the fountains.”

Silence.  I chuckled remembering the guy with the camera asking if he could take her picture.  I didn’t think about what mom and dad’s reaction to seeing their kid in the news…oppps.

Now here she was at 12 handing me another paper. I flipped to page nine asking the same question, what did she do?  I opened to find that she wrote a poem entitled Hearts.  Before I even got past the title my eyes welled up with tears of pride- a published poet before the age of 13.  I could feel the heartbeat of this poem as I read, truth penetrating with each beat:



Hearts are a weird thing,
They help you breathe.
They help you know
When to stay-
And when to leave.
They don’t need to look pretty
with bling.
They are their own
special thing.

They get to know you,
They help you know the right
From wrong.
They help you get along.
It can say, “Come on, you
know what to do.”
My heart says to me,
“You do what you do best,


Just imagine the difference it would make if more time was spent listening to the guiding voice of one’s own heart.

Sat Nam,

A Warrior Princess



One comment on “Hot Off the Press

  1. Anonymous says:

    My heart was filled with great pride when I read this poem. You know the poet is pointed toward right path to navigate through life.

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