Introducing: All Shades Yellow

Drawing by: Hugo Delao


Drawing by: Hugo DeLao                    Photoshop By: Anthony Poole             


Profile: All Shades Yellow

Occupation: Keeper of Cubicle Sunrays and Smiles.

Claim to Fame: In college, created the Appletini.

Major Life Accomplishment: Proprietor of a remote island called, Exclusively Women.  Access by invitation only.

Travel Log: Spent a year touring with the Grateful Dead until she caught Garcia cleaning out his toe jam with her toothbrush.

Fun Fact: Hasn’t paid for a drink at a bar since high school.

Theme Song: Smile by Charlie Chaplin.

6 Word Life Mission Statement: I’d rather be yellow than mellow.

Special Talent: Can hold a wide, tooth bearing smile for an entire day without cheek fatigue setting in.



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