Shine On: Tuck!


Name: Tuck
Shining Credits: Placed 6th in first ever half marathon at Philadelphia’s ODDyssey.  Only one in top ten to wear a costume.
Shining Soundtrack: Soul Rebel, Bob Marley
Random Fact: I focus more on “being in rather than out.” I’m a natural leader, but I’m also human. This basically means I’m not perfect, and can forget to do, what I’m naturally born to. Experience however provides clues on how to remember, here are a few:

Clue #1: We all possess instincts and intuition, which is always best to follow, regardless of the outcome. Go with the flow, a good leader is capable of both following, and leading.

Clue #2: Aim to be in the moment, rather than obsess about the outcome. Learn, and do what works for others, but more importantly, learn and master what works for you. The goal of any art/sport/hobby is never perfection. Rather it could simply just be mindfulness. Through practice, I’m able to build self-awareness, exercise muscle memory, and celebrate life.

Shining Haiku:
soul rebel runner
breathe from ashes to ashes
until dust to dust

What inspired this accomplishment?  Two years ago on a beautiful, sun filled, flowery morning, I was jogging along Kelly Drive. I moved to Philly a couple years ago and thought jogging would be a great, hands on, feet on way to familiarize myself with the city. I wasn’t much of an avid jogger, but I’ve always enjoyed working out, especially accompanied by wonderful scenery. I ended up getting lost.

Long story shorter, I ran approximately 2 hrs trying to relocate my way, from the “Rocky stairs” to finally crossing the East Falls bridge, en route towards the zoo, until I trotted home @ 45th and Chestnut. After an ice cold shower, I then rode my bike to work (South Philly). Once I arrived, I felt like I was going to die. All evening I was sick, threw up about 7 times, felt faint, and dehydrated. After slowly pulling through, I decided that if I could survive such a devastating cardio, then I could definitely run Broad St the following week. I wasn’t registered for the event but I had the confidence, mind, and body to participate. The following yr (2012) I registered Broad St, ran it for the second time, and finished in 65 min! This encouraged me to believe that my “soul rebel running” was ready for the next level. It was time to enter the Oddyssey 1/2 marathon, and enjoy the challenge!

Sideline Shouts: An older lady on the sideline 200 yards from the finish line yelled , “You can get him!” I looked towards the guy who would’ve been placed sixth. Instead her words conjured up a final sprint, where any and every ounce of energy was invested in a final dash. Once I saw myself passing him, for a split second, I felt like I was flying.

How do I get your shine? In order to shine, practice polishing the things you already have, i.e (genetics, talents, love)

A Teardrop Moment: Tears escaped from the pain of sprinting across the finish line. I became hysterical, laughing, cursing, and crying as my tired body suffered all over. After the 10th mile the thought of quitting haunted me like burning sweat. Even the ipod was dysfunctional, flooded with miles of it. Not to mention this was the first time I ran with a straw skirt, and lay, which consistently got in my way. Nevertheless, my tears rejoiced at the end, content with being both salty, and free.

Living Miraculously,

A Warrior Princess


3 comments on “Shine On: Tuck!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Soul Rebel Runner – I appreciate your ability to just be in the moment. I think if more people took the time to observe their surroundings like you did on that day of your Kelly Drive run, our hearts and minds would be open to let the world in and stop ignoring the little details of life that really make it worth living. It is important to not let the daily turmoils make us lose sight of the importance of where we are and the beauty of the people we meet by actually allowing ourselves to be in the moment and keeping ourselves open to letting them change who we are.

    Thank you for the reminder of this hidden meaning that is so often lost in the big picture, especially around this time of year 🙂 Never stop chasing your dreams, but remember to be mindful once you catch them to pause from running and enjoy where they have led you…

    • Anonymous says:

      Behold, words of wisdom from an anonymous.soul. Allow me to show my gratitude, thank you for the friendly reminder…I needed that. Especially since my recent running injury. Nearly broke my big toe after a nasty fall, but according to the doc…I got a strong foot, and a runner’s heart. Now I’ve taken a break from hitting the streets, time to reintroduce myself to water, and commence necessary swimming lessons. May the new yr bring you prosperity and peace.

  2. HolyTuck says:

    oh yeah btw…the response above is not anonymous…just forgot to log in.—soul rebel runner

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