Shine On: Cantora!


Name: Cantora

Shining Credits:  11+ years of Capoeira playing.  Earned Professor Belt (but re-tore ACL while testing).  Like a true Capoeirista accepted belt with strength, dignity and grace despite devastation of injury.  

Shining Soundtrack: Cantora’s Ladainha (prayer song).  Song written and sung by Cantora   



Quando eu conheci capoeiraQueria correr sem andar

Queria fazer todos os movimentos

Fazer tudo sem esperar

Mas não foi moleza, não

Meu corpo levou uma surra

Fiquei frustrado e triste

Todo mundo aprendia

 mais rápido do que eu

Tudo parecia impossível

Então, meu mestre me disse

Calma minha filha

você não tá pronta ainda

Você tem que ter pacienca

Capoeira não se aprende num dia

Tudo se desenvolverá

Tem que deixar o berimbau

Tocar o seu coração

Você pode se machucar com capoeira

Mas ela também pode curar

Obrigada Mestre, me ensinou uma lição

Voce tem que se lembra na capoeira

Tudo tem sua hora


When I first met CapoeiraI wanted to run without knowing how to walk

I wanted to do every move

Do everything without waiting

But it was not a breeze

My body took a beating

I would get frustrated and sad

That everybody else learned

faster than me

Everything seemed impossible

Then my Master told me

Calm down my daughter,

you are not ready yet

You have to have patience

Capoeira is not learned in a day

Everything will unfold

You have to Let the berimbau

touch your heart

You can be hurt by Capoeira

But you can also be healed by it

Thank you Master, you taught me a lesson

You have to remember in Capoeira

Everything has it’s time (Timing Is Everything)



Song’s Inspiration: I wrote the song for my Capoeira Graduation (Formatura)- where your master/teacher presents you to the capoeira community as a professor. I wanted to talk about my own experiences in Capoeira, to make it personal and relatable because I’m not the only one that goes through hardships. I wanted to thank my teacher for teaching me this beautiful art.
I was very emotional when I sang in front of everyone. I almost couldn’t get the words out. I didn’t really practice that day, I was still in shock about getting hurt the night before. My friends showered me with encouragement and strength, I pulled myself together.
In the end, it was all worth it. The loudest chorus I’ve ever heard! Gave me chills! 

Batizado 2012: Jogos (games) for Graduation 

Capoeira Name:My capoeira name is Cantora which means singer.  I think I was born with a mic in my hand! I sing everywhere….in the shower, on the bus, at work, at every karaoke night. But I got shy singing capoeira songs because they were in Portuguese. Soon that changed! 

Capoeira Life Lesson: Timing is everything!  

New Responsibilities as Professor : Capoeira is a male-dominated sport. Few women graduate to Professora or beyond. As a woman I feel like I have to prove my worth in this game, to stay sharp. I like to be a good example to all the new female students.  Encourage them that we too can play. Capoeira e pra homem, menino, e mulher! (capoeira is for man, child, and woman!) 

How do I get your shine? Hmm. A good cleanser, toner, moisturizer, face powder, and blush! Other than that – have faith, be humble, eat bitter, work hard, love harder, and let your actions speak for you! 

Capoeira Hero: My husband, one of the best Capoeiristas and Capoeira professors I know. His dedication to teaching his students is unparalleled.

Inspiração Verdadeira, 

A Warrior Princess

3 comments on “Shine On: Cantora!

  1. Carrie L, says:

    A truly inspiring woman! She sang her Ladianha beautifully and worked so hard to earned her rank as professora!

  2. […] skill level of the capoeirista.  As a student, the biggest honor and form of respect I can show my professors is to train hard and represent them well at the Batizado.  The testing is done in Portuguese in […]

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