Shine On: John Taus!

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Name: Chef John Taus

Shining Credits:  Head Chef at The Corner in Midtown Village.  Received 3 bells from revered Philadelphia critic Craig LaBan. “Never had one so newly at the helm been given so many bells. Presently, only three restaurants in the city have four bells.” (                       

Shining Soundtrack:  Take a load off Annie/Fanny, The Band

Random Fact: Recently got engaged to Vivian Kim.

Hardest thing to learn as Chef? I think patience.  Waiting to get better and gain knowledge is very hard.  Learning is difficult. One of the most intriguing parts of being a chef is that you can continuously learn until the day you die. I continuously read cookbooks of mentors based on just that fact. But it takes time to get the basics and once you have them the sky is the limit- you can create whatever you desire. And then once you understand food you have to get the business aspect of it all.  If you don’t have that down, you will fail everywhere you go!!!!!

Kitchen Life Lesson: Every person is different. You can’t treat every person the same. Regardless of race, age and creed people respond to demand differently. I challenge my employees to do their best every day. If I don’t know how to motivate every one of them then I am a failure. Utilizing them to their fullest capacity is challenging and a huge part of my job. If I fail then they fail… If they fail I fail… It is a very, very real revolving door!

What is it like to be in the “industry”? It’s pretty fun

Biggest kitchen mistake you ever made? Well a mistake isn’t a mistake until you serve it. I am going to reinterpret this question and tell you how to overcome mistakes by adapting to situations. It is as simple as that and that isn’t easy.  You need a keen eye and the ability to change on the fly without compromising the quality of you food.

How do you keep your cool in the face pace of the Kitchen? I have had numerous people come to dine at my restaurant and tell me that Gordon Ramsay would be bored with my demeanor. Guess what Gordon? Times are changing. I have it under control and there is no need to freak out and blow up on someone. If you have to blow up on someone that means they aren’t doing their job. If they aren’t doing their job than that probably means they weren’t trained correctly. If they weren’t trained correctly then whose fault is that??? Relax Gordon… I got this

Warrior Princess’s (Little Sister’s) Side Note: I have spent over a decade watching my brother climb and pave his way up the “industry” ladder.  I’ve eaten at every restaurant he has worked in, often for free as I wouldn’t have the money for such fine dining.  Each and every meal has made me feel like a princess, his plate presentation is a beautiful art form and his food is straight love.  In fact, his kitchen is like my Cheers.  Whenever life knocks me around and I’m feeling blue I have a kitchen to go to where the Chef is smiling with food love abound.  Truly priceless.  What I have learned most from watching his growth from line cook to head Chef is work ethic, dedication to quality and humility.  No matter how much press this man gets he stays grounded and always remembers where he came from.

Definitely not Yelp,

A Warrior Princess



3 comments on “Shine On: John Taus!

  1. Melissa says:

    So sweet!!! Love you both!

  2. Everitt Binns says:

    This is terrific!!!

    Hope you are well and Happy New Year!

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