Shine On: Monica Madeja!

Monica is under the Yellow Mummer's Umbrella

Monica is under the yellow Mummer’s umbrella

Name: Monica Madeja, Eyewitness News

Shining Credits: A vivacious news reporter who has literally moved up the ranks- from KRCG (DMA rank 138) in Jefferson City, MO to WBRE/WYOU (DMA rank 54) in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton- in pursuit of completing a lifelong dream, to be a Philadelphia news anchor (DMA rank 4).

Shining Soundtrack: Dance Tonight, Lucy Pearl

Work Reels:

Live Show Montage

Taped Show Montage

Random Fact:  I always thought I was a risk-taker, fairly laid-back, ready for anything. Recently I’ve found myself in scenarios where that’s not the case.  I want to stay comfortable for a bit. I think that’s ok. I think we go through different stages of our life and that’s what contributes to our success – knowing when to push on or when to pause and appreciate what you have at the moment. Don’t get me wrong– that doesn’t mean I won’t be taking any risks soon!

Early Inspiration: I love the idea of telling stories that affect people. In high school my mom showed me an ad in the newspaper about a program at the local public radio station to teach kids about putting together radio news stories. I went and I was hooked.

Pre-Camera routine: Makeup, hair (in a rush) coffee, water, bathroom break (if there’s time) tell a joke to lighten up and let’s go!

Favorite anchors: David Gregory, Katie Couric, Elizabeth Vargas

Work Experience:  I worked at Temple’s (TU!) TV station and I worked at the college public radio station WRTI.  I then worked at KYW Newsradio (my favorite) and interned at FOX 29 Sports.  I returned to public radio, this time at WHYY, where I was given the opportunity to report on my own.  I got my first post-college job at a fantastic award-winning radio station WDEL in Delaware.  After which, I got my first TV gig in Jefferson City, MO at KRCG. That was where I really gained experience. I worked there for 3 1/2 years before moving back to PA. I am now the anchor of Eyewitness News Daybreak on WBRE/WYOU in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. I’ve been here for 2 1/2 years.

Describe your next dream job? Working in Philly… hint, hint 😉

Stories that appeal to you? Something that makes a difference in people’s lives gets them results or makes them do something good for another.

Beard Stroke Moment: Recently, I was approached with a job to anchor the morning news at my station.  This meant my workday would start at 2 am and I’d have to leave a position hosting a live show that I loved.  I wondered if I was getting the “shaft” or if this was a fantastic opportunity. Luckily, I accepted and it’s turning out to be the latter.

Best on camera moment: A reptile expert brought a hissing cobra on set.

Personal Hero: I don’t have any personal heroes; I pay attention to the good qualities of people around me and hope to emulate them.

How do I get your shine?  Stay positive and be confident! You are your best friend/worst enemy. Realize you’re awesome and you can do great in the world. Surround yourself with good people to offer support when things get tough. And BE KIND! That always pays off!

Has Anchorman inspired you at all?  Hahaha…NO. But it is one of my favorite movies!

Were you ever recognized/caught as that girl from TV? Yes, I was trying on shoes… kind of creepy actually.

Embarrassing TV moment: I said “SOL”.  Thankfully I didn’t reiterate what it means.

Ever caught on camera with something in your teeth? Yes! Too many to count…

Lights, Camera, Action! ,

A Warrior Princess


4 comments on “Shine On: Monica Madeja!

  1. Monica Madeja says:

    haha.. thanks so much! Hopefully people don’t pay attention to the lawbreakers in the photo! Haha

    Can’t wait for Vegas!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Monica looks great on the screne. Even better in person. Good luck to a bright future. A Fan!

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