Shine On: Hugo DeLao!

self portrait_cropped

Name: Hugo DeLao  

Shining Credits: Talented mixed medium artist committed to creating artistic expressions of social change.  Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts.  His work varies from theater productions to ink drawings, commissioned paintings and sculptures to mural arts.

Shining Soundtrack: Unconditional Love, Tupac

How do I get your shine?  Express yourself and be honest within your expressions about yourself.

Relationship with Dog:  I always wanted a boxer. I always thought if I was a dog I’d be a boxer.  He is a dream come true.  I divulge everything to him, he is the only person that knows everything about me and I know he listens. I love him. He has a face you have to love.

Sketch Book:

sick dog_cropped

hand n tools_cropped


















Inspiration: Everything, from as big as the universe and colliding planets to my 6th graders and their ideas.  I yearn to do artwork; I yearn to explain stuff to people.

Favorite Medium: I don’t think I have a favorite medium but I always fall back to the pen because as a kid that is how I taught myself. I love them all; I want to conquer them all.

Musical Heroes: Jimi Hendrix taught himself how to play the guitar.  His expression and how far he went with his journey of learning and teaching himself, how far he took it, that’s what I want to do with art.  Tupac because of the social aspect of what he did with his art.  When I hear lyrics, I see pictures.

Sketch Book:

doodlings warrior_croppeddoodlings skelton_gun_cropped












doodlings hands_cropped


Art as Social Change: Can art create social change? I’m assuming it can because it did for me.  Coming from where I came from, being from the projects, art really kept me away from a lot of things.

Teardrop moment: I did a show for an El Salvadorian foundation in Houston, Tx.  It showcased Salvadorian art that came after the civil war which lasted 12 years and ended in 1992.  The war was one of the main reasons I was born in the United States.  This showcase was full of accomplished artists, poets, authors, directors and government officials, and then there was me.  Having these people who had won many awards, Oscars even, tell my parents what they respected and admired my work was special.  My parents had never seen my work before that point.

Hardest thing to capture:  The soul.

Sketch Book:

back female_cropped

front female_cropped


Self Portraits: I draw myself every year on my birthday.  I started when I was 18.  It captures where I am at in my life; it isn’t just a smiling face.  These portraits keep track of how I looked and how I was feeling at a certain time, if I was living on a friends couch for a year or sleeping in my car for 3 months.  They bring me back to these times, and as bad as they were sometimes they were a little simpler than things are now.  You can imagine how simple it is to live in your car, you can go anywhere.  I know exactly the portrait I am talking about right now and the eyes of it were very scary.  I felt the same way then as I do now, very hopeful that I can pull myself out of this with art and get to that place I always thought I could be as a kid.

Favorite place to Draw:  Privacy. I love to draw in privacy. I don’t necessarily do my work in front of people because I don’t believe art is a side show, at least mine isn’t.

Pen Strokes,

A Warrior Princess


3 comments on “Shine On: Hugo DeLao!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Go Hugo!!!!

  2. Joli R. says:

    Go Hugo!!!

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