Shine On: Series Recap

Shining Wall of Fame_cropped

Hope y’all had as much fun with this game/series as I did.

To those profiled you will be immortalized on the Wall of Shine (future coming attraction).  A sincere thanks  for sharing your shine and being individual stars illuminating constellations of hope, inspiration and possibility!  Collectively you are the lightbeams that keep me dreaming and believing.

Favorite lines:

Sandy: It was a combination of alcohol and knowing that I was completely anonymous in a foreign city that enabled me to step up on stage… my wobbling knees (literally) stepped off stage and felt like I had conquered the world. (Travel, booze and newly released inhibition…straight steeze.)

 Hugo DeLao: I felt the same way then as I do now, very hopeful that I can pull myself out of this with art and get to that place I always thought I could be as a kid.  (Hit soul level on this.  I’m looking out through the same hopeful lens of transformative art)

Amelia Longo: This process taught me a lot about just going for it, and about the vital importance of community support. (It humbles me when you start reaching out and putting yourself out there what trickles back…i.e. AMAZING literary births!  Woot, Woot!)

 Chef John Taus: I think patience. Waiting to get better and gain knowledge is very hard. Learning is difficult. But it takes time to get the basics and once you have them the sky is the limit…you can create whatever you desire. (2011 was my year of Patience almost didn’t make it to 2012, but patience remains an essential life skill.)

 Monica Madeja, Eyewitness News: Surround yourself with good people to offer support when things get tough. And BE KIND! That always pays off!  (They say you are the product of the 5 people you spend your most amount of time with, you can be one of my 5 any day of the week girl!)

Jay Esposito: However, the most significant improvement has been conquering tasks that I told myself I couldn’t conquer in the past…when you change nothing, nothing changes. (What I love is your journey, step-by-step, day-by-day your actions showed how to persevere and commit to making those changes!!)

Cantora: Calm down my daughter, you are not ready yet….You have to Let the berimbau touch your heart…Everything has it’s time (Timing Is Everything)— (Sigh.  D@mn Timing, it’s like patience, very tiring.  Time to slow down, open the heart  center and let it all unfold. )

Tuck: In order to shine, practice polishing the things you already have, i.e (genetics, talents, love)— (Reminds me of Karate Kid – wax on, wax off.  Knowledge is the polish, if you stay diligent and persevere through the pain of rubbing all those circles, wisdom can be your shiny reward. )

Chris O’Brien, a.k.a. Sir Farms-a-Lot:  When things in life get really crazy and modern-day anxieties kick in, I think about them and think – keep it simple. A parallel can be drawn for agriculture in many ways. Keep it simple. (Enough said.)


Vegas Bound,

A Warrior Princess



One comment on “Shine On: Series Recap

  1. Anonymous says:

    Always looked forward to seeing who the next shine would be. Most gave me inspiration that anything is possible. Believing in yourself seems to be the key ingredient. Love to all!

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