My Great Dream


My apologies, the last post was a blooper, a slip of my button pushing finger during some site cleanup:( I accidently “published” a draft I meant to delete.  However, an extra sunray from All Shades Yellow is probably the best worst case scenario I can imagine!

I wanted to check in and give a status update of my Great Dream Project: my novel.

Current Status:  I am currently editing the chapters I wrote back in November.  I purposely waited until after the New Year to read what I had written to gain perspective.  It was nerve racking opening up the manuscript for the first time and peering into my own shitty first draft.  I am happy to report that although there is a lot of work to do; my free writes are in clear story form with scenes grounded in the body.  I have some great dialogue and the characters are starting to talk to me (through my pen) in a natural, friendly way instead of from a guarded distance.  That is to say, I am getting much closer to the heartbeat of this story and I can feel it pulsating through me, pulling me towards completion.   This is serious marked progress; PRAISE SWEET BABY JESUS!

Future Game Plan: During the spring I plan to edit two chapters a month and workshop them in two different writing groups.  I will also post monthly status updates here.  These tight deadlines will force me to accept the imperfection of the editing process, releasing work for peer review that I know is not quite ready.  It will be raw and it will be scary and it will be okay.  It is going to be all about embracing not being perfect and asking others for help (in way of advice, ideas, story structure, ect.).  Admittedly, I am horrible at this.  I have a hard time being vulnerable and asking for other’s help. I realize that it is a character flaw holding me back. I am trying to set up a structure that forces me to get wet because after all the only way to learn how to swim is to get in the water.

Quasi Life Coach Shout Out:  The above picture is a Christmas card I received from my Quasi Life Coach.  The picture is of the two of us in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day in Park City, Utah.   I am bending over picking up my beautifully cooked turkey off the floor because his dumb@ss dropped it there.  I was seeing red that day and called him something along the lines of an inconsiderate, selfish pr*ck.  Fast forward six years later and this inconsiderate selfish pr*ck is still my friend sending along humorous words of encouragement, making sure I don’t waiver in the task at hand.  Trust this shit-storm is a brewing.

Umbrellas and Raincoats,

A Warrior Princess


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