Happy New Year!!!


     Last year was 2012, the Year of the Strut, sunscreen was their responsibility.  It was a year of living boldly, of setting goals and making them happen.  A year dedicated to owning your own personal and professional life achievements without apology; of succeeding and being proud of who YOU are.  I got tired of seeing people diminish their successes because others felt threaten.  It was time to unite as a community capable of being happy for others and using each other’s shine as inspiration to keep on dreaming, believing and achieving.  If there is one thing I am certain about in this life it is that light attracts light.  As the year closed, I was proud to profile 12 men and women who lived bold, strutted proud, and shined brilliantly in 2012.  These profiles will be housed on my Wall of Shine.

I’m excited for 2013, The Year of the Goddess and the Way of the Valiant Gent, a time to stop and smell the roses. 

To my Fellow Goddesses:

I am sick and tired of being referred to as a b*tch, slut, cunt, whore, hooch, babe, ect.  (My apologies if these names offend you, they offend me too, but they are also constantly in circulation.)  2013 is the year of setting the record straight, of rediscovering and reclaiming your own inner Goddess.  Trust me Goddesses; we are going to have fun harvesting, harnessing and celebrating our female energy, our Yin. 

To my Valiant Gents:

As a Goddess, I am sick and tired of “manliness” being a rubric of how many women you’ve slept with, how much alcohol you can consume, how much money you make and how good you are at being “tough” by concealing your emotions.  From the outside it feels too stifling.  2013 is the year of shedding skin, of redefining that rubric on your own terms and allowing yourselves to open up to your softer side, your Yin. 

I believe that harmonious relationships happen when both Yin (the female energy) and Yang (the male energy) are present and in balance.  Why not strive for Harmony?  Perhaps, it’s as simple and pleasing as stopping to smell the roses.

Evolutionary Tracks,

A Warrior Princess

Ps. The picture above was part of a Chinese New Year’s display at the Venetian in Las Vegas.



5 comments on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. 69th Follower says:

    <3. Props. Support. Scorpios. Yin and Gin sometime soon?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like all the yin and yang, but let’s not forget about the real yinning and yanging that’s so fun.

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