A Special V-Day Pairing



First Person Arts hosts a bi-monthly story slam in Philadelphia.  If you have never been to one of these, I highly recommend it, as they are widely entertaining.  The rules are simple: each slam has a theme, each story has a 5 minute limit and anyone can tell a story as long as your name is one of the 10 selected.  At last year’s “Ex-Files” Valentine’s Day story slam, Anissa’s won with her Groundhog’s Day inspired Ex-File story (click to listen).  The picture above paired with this story filled my day with laughter.  If there is one thing I LOVE it’s laughing.

Cupid Kisses,

A Warrior Princess





One comment on “A Special V-Day Pairing

  1. all shades yellow says:

    cupid kisses back attcha warrior princess and to all those who read your post. what the heck..it’s V-Day:)…always yellow

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