Warrior Class (5)


 In June, my professors are hosting a Batizado.  Mestres from Brazil and around the country will gather for students’ to test for their cordas.  Similar to other martial arts, the color of the cordao represents the skill level of the capoeirista.  As a student, the biggest honor and form of respect I can show my professors is to train hard and represent them well at the Batizado.  The testing is done in Portuguese in front of a line of Mestres; the student must perform the moves/sequences as they are called out.  The student does this solo.  If you fail, you have to wait till next year to test again.

I have three months to train and lots of work to do.  This means I need a plan of attack, something to hold me accountable.  I recently watched Chasing Mavericks, an inspirational movie about surfing and conquering the seemingly impossible.  Frosty, an experienced surfer trains Jay a teenage boy to ride the Mavericks (30+ ft waves).  Frosty’s ‘program is all about building what (he) like(s) to call the 4 pillars of a solid human foundation’; emotional, physical, spiritual and mental.  In this vein, Frosty tells Jay to not even think about getting in the water to surf the Mavericks until he can hold his breath for 4 mins.  I want to create a similar pillar system to keep me focused and ready to test.  I’m not sure exactly what these goals will be yet but I know they will also help with my writing goals.  After all, exercise releases creative juices and consistent exercise keeps that flow in flux.  

Let the games begin,

A Warrior Princess


3 comments on “Warrior Class (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    You can do it girl!

  2. Kitsi Watterson says:

    You go, Ms. Warrior! This sounds awesome. And it is so interconnected with writing! xoxo k

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