Shameless Weekend Plug


Below are the details of an event I will be at and encourage you to try to make.  above is the event’s flyer.  Hope to see y’all there. Happy Friday!

What: A community panel discussion entitled:
Breaking Down the Walls-The intersections of Mass Incarceration and it’s Implications

Cost: FREE

Who: Kitsi Watterson (who I often refered to as my writing mentor) and PLP The Unity



University of Pennsylvania’s Greenfield International House
3701 Chestnut Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19104.


March 16th (This Saturday)
12:30-Kitsi will speak on a panel on how race, poverty and gender fuel mass incarceration
2:00- Kitsi’s band PLP The Unity (Peace, Loave & Power) will perform


Kitsi Watterson is who I often refer to as my writing mentor. She is a rare being of light in this sometimes unbearably dark world. Whenever I hear her speak or experience a PPL Unity performance my soul transcends to a place of hope, to a world that runs off the beating tremors of a collective human heart instead of the indifferent ticking of a corporate clock. I leave feeling refreshed, revitalized, empowered and with some lasting nugget of information that I chew on until the next encounter. For example, I saw PPL Unity play about a month ago. In one of the songs Brother Robb sang (and I am paraphrasing here) “The destruction of a people starts at the home….so what is it that you bring home.” The music played for a long interlude of drums and wind chimes while Brother Robb’s voice echoed through my soul asking me to introspectively investigate my role in this collective mass we call society. His voice has lingered with me, looping through my mind over the course of a month reminding me that we are all interconnected and responsible for each other. The question isn’t so much why as it is why not?

Light Beams,
A Warrior Princess


2 comments on “Shameless Weekend Plug

  1. Kathryn Watterson says:

    Wow, Julia, THANK YOU. This is so beautiful I’m sending it on to Dominic & Robb & my sister! It was wonderful seeing you today. You are the dearest heart. xoxoxo Kitsi

  2. […] Night I popped into a West Philly coffee house to take in a PPL The Unity performance.  I sat in a chair by the window.  From there I watched a gentleman wheel an oversized […]

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