Double Dog Dare: Postcard Love


When was the last time you took the time to sit down and handwrite a note, fold and stuff that message into an envelope, lick it shut, stick a postage stamp on the front and drop it into the mailbox?

 This question normally yields the below response:

(Insert: eye rolls)

“Warrior Princess, really, who has time for that?”

I do.  And, I am fortunate enough to have some really wonderful people in my life who also make the time to do something as simple as drop a line in the mail.  About two years ago, I started a postcard wall in my house.  I encouraged people to send me a postcard whenever they traveled.  It was a nice surprise ending to my routine day to discover a message from someone’s vacation sitting in my mailbox .  When I receive such mail, the same big cheek smile spreads across my face and throughout my body a warmth grows .  It’s special.  It’s a novelty.  And, to me, it’s all part of the magic of life.

Today I’m dropping three packages in the mail for my two grandmothers and my aunt.  As I write this muse, I’m also giddy and warm knowing that when they receive this mail it will add color and joy to their day. 

Double Dog Dare: Extend yourself and make someone else’s day with a handwritten note.  It doesn’t matter who you write to, it could be a thank you to the restaurant you ate at last night or to a high school teacher that made a lasting impression. 

Added Incentive:  If you complete this double dog dare and email me your address at, I will send you a personalized note.  In that email please tell me something about yourself and your experience completing this dare.

Magical Snail Mail,

A Warrior Princess




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