Warrior Class (8)

For the past couple of years I’ve set a yearly intention to focus my energy on.  There was the Year of Patience, the Year of Self- Discipline and currently I’m undergoing the Year of Release, Refinement and Reward.  In yoga, I was taught that a focused mind is like a laser beam able to cut through anything put in its way.  These yearly intentions are my tactical effort at corralling my monkey mind into a super duper laser beam, after all who doesn’t want superhero powers?  

Below are reflections on Capoeira in terms of this year’s intention:

Release- At the batizado I attended in December I watched one capoeirista after another bend, fold, jump, sway, side-step and twirl in and out of moves.  I clapped on the outskirts of the roda in awe thinking to myself that these people looked so graceful and free.  I wanted my game and body to feel that loose.  I wanted my spine to be that nimble.  And most importantly, I wanted to be able to artistically express myself without holding back and feeling subconscious when contorted in evocative positions.  I was raised a jock not a dancer/performer. 

Being in the middle of the roda is like being in that famous “going to school with no clothes on” dream, I feel bashful and out of my element.  I knew my own self-judgments- “You’re as graceful as an elephant wading through mud” or “D@mn girl; you’re as awkward as a pre-teen at their first school dance”- weren’t helping to release anything. 

Before deciding to sign up for batizado I had an illuminating conversation with my teacher.  He asked me a simple question,

“Do you like being in the roda?”

I paused , he wasn’t asking about my personal game but rather if I enjoyed being a part of Capoeira. 

I nodded my head, “Yeah I do.” 

“Then all you got to do is commit to training, batizado is no joke, you go all in or not at all.”

I experienced a world of release when I decided to go all in and try for my cordao; it felt a lot like giving the middle finger to my self-critics.

RefinementI haven’t gotten enough command of my own game to really speak on refinement.  However, I love watching other Capoeiristas interact and share new moves with each other that they have uncovered.  I suppose my main focus, in the world of refinement, is on the music.  I still can’t clap and sing at the same time.  I compare it to that grade school trick where you have to rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time. Its coordination I don’t yet have but perhaps it just takes a lot of practice; one refining step at a time.

Reward- Capoeira is a gift that keeps on yielding rewards.  When I finally get a move that I have been trying to figure out for weeks I get a huge sense of accomplishment, its own natural high.  Or instead of going to the bar after work I go to the gym to train, my Irish liver high-fives me.   And probably the most rewarding is being welcomed into a vibrant community of artists that inspire me daily.

Laser beams,

A Warrior Princess

PS. Wounded Knee update:  A petition was started on www.SignOn.org If you’d like, type in wounded knee in the search, then go to the Kansas icon to sign the petition.  It takes less than 5 minutes and will have a HUGE impact.






2 comments on “Warrior Class (8)

  1. kitsi says:

    I really liked this. It flows and you have written it with grace and truth. Bravo. Xoxo

  2. Melissa says:

    I signed the petition. Three of them actually. 😉 Thanks for bringing the issue to light.

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