My Goddess Grandmother: Part 1

The below story is a continuation from yesterday’s musing and part of a 5-part series called: My Goddess Grandmother.  The below quotes are extracts from two interviews I did with my grandmother two years ago.

 Her Parent’s History

“They were neighbors in Austria.  They were married in New York.”

“Everybody landed on Elias Island in New York, when you came over from Austria you went to Elias Island, the ship landed there. And then wherever somebody waited for you, that you had somebody that would take [you] from Elias Island, you were alright.”

I asked her, “Why did they come to America?”

“Because America was always land of the free, the home of the brave.  But at one point they thought money grew on trees.  You know what, but you had to work for your money too. When they came over it’s not like now, give me and you get.  My father did the cement mill, dirty job.  My mother couldn’t because she had the children, so she couldn’t.”

Her Parents Marriage

“They were friends over in Europe I understand.  Do you know what, in fact the people over there after they found out they got married they couldn’t believe it because they were so opposite.  My father was so outgoing and my mother was so backwards.”

“My father, up until the day I left that I got married, my father was the one.  He would sing, he would drink, and he would just have a good time.  My mother was stuck raising the children.  As a result it was always ‘your mother is such a dud, your mother is such a dud.’  I’d say, ‘She is not.  She is not.’”

“My mother’s thing was church.  That was her outing like, you know.  Raise your family there, your children.  My father was I use to think, like a playboy.  He would go to the Liederkranz on a Sunday morning after church and he would stay, he’d have his drinks, they’d play cards the men, they had a table with cards. And he would come home at 5 o’clock every Sunday and he still had his clothes on from church.  Now my father did not believe to change around after mass.  Now he sat there at the kitchen table, and he was heavy around here with his shirt buttoned up, a tie on, a jacket on, he would not take that off until he went to bed.  This is Sunday, and Sunday he has to be dressed.  And my mother would always say, “He is crazy”.

Opposites Attract,

A Warrior Princess


4 comments on “My Goddess Grandmother: Part 1

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