My Goddess Grandmother: Part 2

The below story is part of a 5-part series called: My Goddess Grandmother.  The quotes are extracts from two interviews I did with my grandmother two years ago.

The musings are the following sequequential order:

My Goddess Grandmother: An Introduction
My Goddess Grandmother: Part 1

A Typical Sunday

“Chicken every Sunday for dinner.  Church number one absolutely.  And then we would come home and then we had chicken for dinner every Sunday, and my father would kill that chicken that we had.  The chicken was not bought clean. We had a do the feathers, we had to do it with hot water.  My mother would come to the back of the yard with a big kettle of steaming hot water…we had to pluck the feathers.  We had to pluck all this chicken.  And then if the feathers weren’t just all clean my mother would take the chicken and we had a gas stove in the back porch and she would put the chicken over this and burn off the rest that we didn’t pluck.  She would burn that off so the chicken was clean.  So that was that.”

I asked her, “Did you have a chicken coop?”

“No no no…a farmer came with chickens, with eggs and my mother bought the chicken off of him and they put it under a little wire thing my father made.  They left the chicken there. The farmer came on a Friday and my father killed it on a Saturday.”

“A butcher  came to the house with a truck, we had a milkman that came to the house and we also had a baker that came to the house.”

“You could tell the quality of the milk by how much cream was on the top.  My mother would always say that we can never, never take the cream from the top because that’s for pop.  My father had such stomach problems, he needed that cream when he got pain, it soothed his pain.  So we could never have the cream of the crop. We had to have the rest.  And we did. We had to take care of our father, you know.”

When asked if she ever sneaked a sip, “No, never, not a milk drinker! Not a milk drinker!  You know what, Patrick [my nephew who was in the room] this is the God honest truth if I drank one quart of milk in my eighty-two-years I drank a lot.  I did not drink milk.”

“But my father made his own root beer and we were in seventh heaven.  Oh my god, if the cork didn’t go down the way it should have all of a sudden you are sitting there in the kitchen and you hear “pop” and up came the cork.  And my father would sit there and go ‘Son of a bitch.’  Oh my god, this is a waste now.  And he worked so hard, he wanted us to have a little treat besides water, you know.”

Cream of the Crop,

A Warrior Princess


3 comments on “My Goddess Grandmother: Part 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    this is amazing!

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