Writer’s Night Follow-Up

Goddess 2shift

Last Wednesday I woke up like Jerry Maguire thinking, “Today is a very big day.” I had to test with the Mestre for my green belt and then do my first WPmusings reading at Jose Pistolas, time felt crunched together like an overstuffed sandwich. At work I received a message asking for a writer’s bio. What?!?!?! I screeched. I didn’t have a bio. I scrambled trying to come up with something respectable and fitting of a Warrior Princess. My eyes darted around my grey box searching the pictures and quotes I pasted around for inspiration. They settled on a Zen Masters quote: The eye that sees cannot see itself.

 Oh that’s great, really helpful Mr. Buddha man. I sighed at the irony.  After some contemplation I lowered my head to find the answer in a silver framed quote an Old Friend once said to me.

Thank you, I bowed reverently to my imaginary Buddha man, thank you.

*   *   *

“Is Warrior Princess ready to read?” Dan the host asked from the stage.

As I got on stage 10 WPmusings readers and friends cheered. Their support felt AMAZING. The bright spotlights surprised me. I squinted into the dark abyss that was the audience as Dan read my bio:

A Warrior Princess is a freelance writer, philosopher and artist; a lover of wisdom and a seeker of truth. “Take It or Leave It: The Random Musings of a Warrior Princess” is a blog tracking the progress and thoughts of this Warrior Princess as she journeys to complete her ultimate mission: to write a novel by age 30. She has 18 months remaining.

Then Dan asked, “Describe your blog?”

 I felt a lost dialogue and connection without being able to make direct eye contact with the audience.

“How many of you work in a 9-5 cubicle job?” I asked the darkness.

Dead silence.

I laughed. “Well I do and….”

I continued to give a brief description of cubicle life and the format of my posts. After I introduced my seven deadly sins series, I told the crowd:

“I’d like to give the audience a double dog dare. I’m going to read three of the seven deadly sins, if you guess which sin I read you’ll win one of the following four prizes: 1. A Yards beer, 2. Profile you on my blog, 3. A Stained Glass Goddess colored by yours truly (picture featured above) 4. I’ll mail you a wooden surf board postcard that I found in a New Jersey souvenir shop. Sound good?”

I read greed, lust, and envy and described the corresponding pictures before each reading like a librarian at story hour. When I stumbled upon page breaks I improvised making the Wayne’s World interlude noise. I learned sustaining a Boston accent was hahd. At the end the audience guessed pride for both greed and lust until a guy at the bar raised his hand and got it right. He was our only winner; the game lost its momentum.

Dan continued in a conversational tone,

“Have you ever done peyote, Warrior Princess?”

“Why Dan I can’t say that I have.”

“That surprises me.”

From the abyss my older brother shouted “Not without me.”

The crowd chuckled.

Dan continued, “You know what happens when you Google image search A Warrior Princess?  Lot’s of Zena out there but not one picture of you.”

“I’m building it up Dan slowing. Turtle speed.”

I looked at my small group of supporters and felt proud of WPmusings. THANK YOU all for coming out.


A Warrior Princess

Ps. Quotes above are taken from memory.



2 comments on “Writer’s Night Follow-Up

  1. John t says:

    Always got your back!!!!!

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