Warrior Class (9)


Yes Chant



My green belt journey is nearing its final stop, the final test.  My teacher told our class there are three tests we have to pass in order to get our belt.  First, we have to make it pass him, the test of water.  He said his job was to try and submerge us to see if we had the will and endurance to stay afloat.  The second test is with the Mestre, the test of fire.  This is to see if we were are capable of handling the heat and intensity of a fiery roda; here players throw kicks like flickering flames in the air.  The last is the Batizado, the test of steel where it’s all about the strength of your armor.

I made it through the water gasping for air, but I stayed afloat.  I made it through the heat of the fire with only a few burn marks bluish in color spotted along my arms.  And tomorrow I face my final challenge, the test of steel.  At the Batizado I will test the strength of my game amongst seasoned Capoeiristas.  I am both nervous and excited.  And all I know is it’s like anything else in life, I can’t go in scared.  I got stay focused, play my game and smile.
All in,
Warrior Princess

Ps. Picture above is to thank my sponsor for supporting this journey from day one, truly Mr. Ring you are the best!  If y’all ever need a car make sure to visit yeschant!



4 comments on “Warrior Class (9)

  1. Anonymous says:

    When the student is ready the master will appear!

    Only those with a strong heart question its existence?

    Without fear there would be no barvery!

  2. jm.piller@rcn.com says:

    Congrats Warrior Princess, Tia Sis

  3. Meg says:

    Oh you were smiling through the whole thing 🙂 Well done!

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