Afternoon Rhyme

mario and luigi


We walked to the post office clad in mittens and snow boots. The Post Lady took our lists- one short, the other long and varied. She smiled at the pair of us, placing them in a stack of envelopes to be delivered to the North Pole. On the way back home, my bother smugly told me

he knew how to fix it so Santa delivered everything on his list. And, everything my older brother said I blindly took as truth. He told it like this: only list the one thing that you really want. Wait, only one thing? I asked saddened by these limitations. Yeah, he said, Santa always delivers more than one gift, but this way you get the one thing

you really want. Oh, he added with a sly grin, and make sure to ask after Mrs. Clause and the reindeer. Under the evergreen that year I opened up one gift after the other excited to find I got what I listed: ‘something fun to play with outside’ and ‘a new board game; i.e. Clue, Flappin Jacks, ect.’, and ‘something even Rudolph would think is cool.’ But

my brother waited in anticipation, until every gift was opened and he still didn’t get the one item on his list.  Disappointment burdened him like a dead weight for two days. He brooded until Santa came through with a late delivery.  It took three miserable days to pass until my brother and I sat side-by-side playing Nintendo.  Then, he showed me how to get fire power and the best way to warp through the levels.

Bowser Standoff,

A Warrior Princess

PS. I am currently yielding this advice and only putting – to deliver a brilliant literary baby – on my wish list.  Next to it I will make an offering of carrots to lure in Rudolph and I’ll sign it Cenoura for good measure.  Yes, I still believe in Santa Clause and magic because God love me I still believe in love.


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