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I hit a life milestone 6 days and 21 hours ago when Dougie Fresh subscribed as my 100th WPMusings reader.  (Insert: Beethoven’s 5th Symphony with me conductor dancing, pointed finger waving through the air).

You may be asking yourself who is this Dougie Fresh and what makes him so fly?  I applaud your curious mind and will further expound.  Dougie Fresh is a Valiant Gent that dates a Goddess friend of mine.  In fact, Miss Madeja (his girlfriend) has such radiant shine that she was profiled on my Shine On series back in January.  Along with fabulous taste, Dougie Fresh is an excellent teacher of all things useful.  During Fireflies Music Festival he taught me how to play Tap the Bladder.  This is the wine drinker’s equivalent of beer bong; a bladder of boxed wine gets tossed through the air, the catcher must slap the bladder and instantly bring mouth to valve for a long refreshing swig.  By all means, please try this at your next social gathering; it is an instant conversation starter.  It was also Dougie Fresh who introduced me the Geoduck (picture featured above), one of the world’s most phallic and long living animals.  In honor of this milestone I’d like to share the following fun Geoduck facts.

* [Geoducks are classified as a] large saltwater clam, a bivalve mollusk with a huge “neck”, or a “siphon”.

*…[Geoducks] get up to 160 years old . It’s the second longest-living organism on Earth (after giant tortoises, which can live almost 200 years). As they grow, they accumulate rings on their shell, much like a tree does.

*…the body of an adult geoduck remains in one spot for its entire life.

* Geoduck is an official mascot for the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington – which also has a (very appropriate) motto: “Let It All Hang Out”

If you are now craving live footage of the Geoduck I encourage you to watch Dirty Jobs: Gooey Ducks,  an 8 min video that gets up close and personal with the Geoduck.

Who knew?

A Warrior Princess

Ps. All of the above fun facts were found on this site:




4 comments on “Breaking News

  1. Budrick says:

    I almost ate one of these in Vietnam but they were expensive even there. I imagine they are crazy expensive here. I should eaten it just to say I have. They were live and in the tank. Didn’t look appetizing enough to drop $100 on it.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Warri0rprincess, this was very interesting and the first time I ever heard of or seen a Gooey Duck! Fascinating and worth my while to explore and share with my grands! Thanks for the teachable moment and the link to find out more information! Love it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    tap the bladder? perhaps you could introduce this interesting game to me in sea isle.
    Tia Sis

  4. Anonymous says:

    You know who I’m married to so you know I’ve been tainted. Gooey Duck is very pornographic. Sorry!

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