Artists at Play: Deceptive Masks * Rhythmic Man


My Personal Submission: Rhythmic Man

Supporting Story:  This poem has lived inside of me for almost as long as my novel.  In a way, getting it recorded to music was like birthing a very small literary baby.  My friend who came up with the drum beat filled out the spaces between the words in a way that breathed life into my poetry; a testament to the power of collaboration.  The first time I listened to this recording it was like hearing something from a reoccurring dream, something I had always imagined possible, that had me zooming around on Cloud 9.  Art is a gift that way.  The track was recorded by Jeff Jeffries at South Street Sounds.  My budget afforded me 15 minutes to get it recorded right.  For the first five minutes I couldn’t help from staring around the recording studio in awe, taking in the instruments and breezy vibe.  I was instructed to put on big earphones and stand in front of a mic that had a silver screen in front of it.  Jeff was sitting in a small room in the back; I heard his voice in my ear ask if I was ready.  I thought of all the movies I watched about musicians and the concerts I had seen in the past.  I marveled back, “So this is what it is like to be in a recording studio.”

Magical Beats,

A Warrior Princess


2 comments on “Artists at Play: Deceptive Masks * Rhythmic Man

  1. Cassandra Gates says:

    jules this is amazing!! so proud of your studio accomplishment!

  2. Mamacita says:

    The poem sounds great w music!

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