Artists At Play: Deceptive Masks * Cassandra Gates

smile artwork

Artist Name: Cassandra Gates

Artist Bio: I’m a creative spirit inhabiting the body of a 25 yr old wanna-be nutrition healer in Oakland, CA. ❤

Inspiration via theme: Having moved to a brand new city with no friends or family, I find myself putting on a mask to hide my grieving of a life purposefully lost. While pondering this “deceptive masks” theme, I was immediately reminded of how our true state is often unmasked through our mouths. We can try to smile our way through uncomfortable scenarios, but if someone is looking close enough, the fraud will be spotted. We hide a lot of emotions in our mouths.  This project was a blast for me to explore the subtlety of our human emotions and expressions.

Medium: I’ve always loved the smooth nature of watercolors and the ability to create and blend hues seamlessly. This series was just watercolors, both regular and glitter based, and black felt marker.

* For a closer look of the individual paintings please click below thumbnails:

Smiles_1  Cropped smile_2   Smiles_3  Cropped smile_4  cropped smile_5  smiles_6
Mouths of Expression,

A Warrior Princess



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