Wedding Bells: A Tribute

High School

* Freshman year my sisters, cousin and I were approached to be hair models for a New York company.  I spent an entire day finding the right all black outfit, skipped school and fantasized about flipping my hair down the runway.  There was no runway, only a chair in the middle of a dingy room full of hairdressers who looked like they did more perm-n-sets than cut-n-colors.  We were “selected” to be the guinea pigs willing to change our hair to showcase the latest trends coming out of New York.  My sisters smartly opted out while I felt pity for the promotion lady and opted in.  When I returned from my doctor’s appointment not a single person said anything about my hair transformation.  I went from no bangs, shoulder length hair to long bangs, cut out around the ears with short and spiky pieces on the top and longer ones in the back.  The silence was broken by my brother who shouted out across the crowed hallway, “Hey Rod Stewart! Nice haircut, can I get your autograph?”

* Instead of riding the bus to school I was driven in by my brother’s best friend Timmy.  He had a green Jeep Wrangler and was always on time.  I was always scrambling, running out of the house with my knee high socks in one hand and my button down blouse in the other, trying to get in the car before they “left my dumb ass” (a threat I heard often).  When my head was down in the back seat, my bro would nudge Timmy as a signal to slam on the brakes.  This resulted in me catapulting out of the seat and hitting my head smack on the crossbar.

* My brother’s “secret weapon” to pick up chics was taking little brother Seawolf out with him because apparently “chics dig babies”.  I watched it work like candy.
College Years

* When I was a sophomore in college I met a cute guy that had great potential.  My first date was an invite to a house party.  I brought two of my girlfriends.  We were all having a great time and I felt excited at the prospect of a second date until I learned that this guy had in his wallet a copy of my brother’s license that he was using as his fake id.  Talk about awkward moments.

* My brother use to live in large house with 5 other guys in a rough neighborhood.  I was still in high school and came in for a random mid-week stay.  When he left to go to class he nonchalantly looked over at me and said, “Hey when you watch TV make sure you keep your head lower than the window.”  I laughed because I didn’t know if it was some sort of joke. “No seriously, DO IT.  There are shootings around here all the time; you don’t want to be hit by a stray.”  Then he closed the door.  The next four hours I lay stiff as a board on his couch with a bladder that needed to be drained but I was too scared to move.

* Some of my favorite nights in college were spent eating alone at whatever fancy Stephen Starr restaurant my bro was currently working at.  I’d sit perched by the bar all dolled up waiting for delicious dishes to be sent out “compliments of the chef”.  They were Cinderella at the ball type moments.

Strolling Memory Lane,

A Warrior Princess


3 comments on “Wedding Bells: A Tribute

  1. Anonymous says:

    love it, smiled and teared at the same time. hugs, tia sis

    ps i liked that hair cut, think it was an inspiration for me to go short, and i’ve never gone back

  2. Anonymous says:

    Never saw this blog until after the wedding. You definitely gave Ick a huge tribute. Way to go Jules!

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