Wedding Bells: A Tribute

Post-College Years

*I was living in Park City, UT skiing five to seven days a week.  Most of those days I was skiing amongst a field of trees in champagne powder.  Often on my descent I’d call out, “Ca-Ca” mimicking a bird.  It felt so freeing to hear my voice reverberate through the trees.  Secretly, I always hoped that one day I’d hear a bird call back from another skier.  Then my bro came to town and when I was in the middle of the trees I called out “Ca-Ca” from a distance I heard “Hooty-hoo”.  There wasn’t a person in sight but I knew who it made that call.  My smile widened in recognition of my brother who always seemed to get me without ever having to try.

*I had a very dark, low point in my life when nothing seemed to make sense anymore.  I almost lost my laugh, my zest for life.  I had nothing left to give and not much to offer.  I was sort of like a dead weight that my family and friends carried until I got my feet back on solid ground.  I’m a sizeable beast; trust me it was a heavy load.  But the beautiful thing is that Love is the light that guided me through this inferno.  And my brother was like a lighthouse shining through the night sky making sure I made it safely to shore.  I remember a day in particular when I took a bus to Philly to visit my bro.  He was leaning against his car waiting for me with a single red rose in his hand that he bought from the guy around the corner.  The sight of him made me laugh.  It was the first time I heard myself laugh in a long time.  The release from this simple expression of joy broke through so much internal muck and I knew in my soul that everything was going to be alright.

When asked, “What’s it like to have an older brother?”  I always smile and shake my head, “It’s pretty special.”  I am so happy my brother found someone special enough to share the rest of his life journey with.  I wish both him and Vivian a life of laughter and a love that ages like a fine a wine.  So that they can hold a blackboard between them and claim, “It gets better with time.”


New Beginnings,

A Warrior Princess



4 comments on “Wedding Bells: A Tribute

  1. Valentina says:

    …like a lighthouse shining through the night sky making sure I made it safely to shore… You always touch me with your words… lots of love for you and your super Bro!

  2. Melissa says:

    Teary! That’s what you made me feel! Love you and see you tonight or tomorrow!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tear drop.. Just the best post!!

  4. John t says:

    Thanks so much sweetie!

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