Artists at Play: Authentic Self-Expression * Teardrops

September’s Theme: Authentic Self-Expression

My Personal Submission: Teardrops

Picture Credit: Robin Burd (

Supporting Story:  I often must remind myself to let go in order to grow.  Sometimes this can be a scary realization like having to leave a security blanket behind on the first day of school.  There is something about authentic self-expression that can feel like an undressing, leaving a part of you naked for the world to see.  And yet, the freedom to stand there boldly in the skin you were born in and document a journey traveled is beyond liberating, to me its freedom.  For this reason, I am a big proponent of self-expression not repression, as silence can be the most destructive force in human nature.  This poem has a somber quality to it but authentic self-expression need not be somber; it just needs to be sincere. 
Peeling back the layers,

A Warrior Princess

PS. If you feel inspired to share your own artistic authentic self-expression, please email submissions  I’d love to hear from you.


2 comments on “Artists at Play: Authentic Self-Expression * Teardrops

  1. Cassandra Gates says:

    jules that was powerful! hit me right in the heart.

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