Human Nature: Part 2


When I walked into the Xfinity center I was overwhelmed with an onslaught of neon lights and flashing screens in every direction; images and messages appeared at a pace that had my head dizzy trying to keep up.  I stopped to consciously absorb what was happening to me on a bodily level.  Instantly, I noticed my muscles tense and nerves fire like an anxious puppy searching for a stick.  My eyeballs darted around not sure what to focus on.  The swirl of activity had my mind on sensory overload, inundated with too much information firing at one time.

I continued to the bathroom and afterwards waited for my cousin by the bar.  I was called over to a table by a group of three men.

“What is a pretty lady like yourself doing waiting on another?”

I smiled, redirecting the man’s attention to my eyes and then asked, “Riddle me this…How many screens do you think are in this place?”


“It’s like that game you had to play in grade school where you guessed how many jelly beans were in a jar.  I am curious as to how many screens you would guess are in this place?”

The guys all looked at each other assessing the question and then fired out answers.  One quickly guessed 20 with a shrug; the other called him a fool and said it was closer to 50, while the third took a cursory look around and asked me what I thought.

“At least 150.”

The first two guys told me I was crazy and way wrong while the third guy pulled over the waitress to ask the question.

She pointed to the extra large screen on top of the bar and said, “I don’t know but that one there has 19 screens alone.”

I stared at up at it amazed not thinking of counting the screens inside of screens.  It looked almost as large as the Drive-in Movie Theater.

“What do you care, anyway?”

“Just making a social observation, I guess.”

“Yeah on what?”

I chuckled to relieve the tension.

“I guess I am personally on sensory overload.  However, I’m the exception to the rule as I don’t have a TV.  But regardless this seems like way too much activity for the human mind to handle.  I can’t help wondering how its effects our everyday communication and attention span.  Our world is becoming so inundated with screens.  I mean I can’t even pump gas or get in a taxi without a screen lightening up in my face.  I feel like it’s really unnecessary, wasteful and damaging to the mind.”

 “What!  You don’t have a TV? “

The guy shook his head at me as if I were an alien and asked, “What do you do?”

“I just sit around and pick my nose.” I laughed to myself, wished them a good day and ventured outside in search for my cuz.

Digital Overload,

A Warrior Princess


2 comments on “Human Nature: Part 2

  1. allshadesyellow says:

    pick away I always say…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure they didn’t think you were crazy. They thought you were from MARS!!!!

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