Human Nature: Part 3


I stepped outside of the xfinity center and felt the strength of the sun beaming down on me.  I closed my eyes amazed at the heat already radiating from my skin only after a few moments of direct exposure.  Experiencing the sun’s rays made me think of a comment one of my Yoga teachers once said about meditation: “Meditation is powerful like a laser beam.  It takes the monkey mind with all of its scattered thoughts and trains it into a disciplined mind capable of focusing on one point.  Think about what a laser beam can do and imagine your mind having the same capabilities?”  This comment has lingered with me for years.  I opened my eyes taking a cursory look around Oktoberfest and noticed how many people were tapping away at their cell phones, at how much of their attention was focused on a screen.  I wondered to what extent the screen was acting like the laser beam exploiting our monkey minds.

I know technology is not a bad thing.  In fact, despite my inner critic, I know it is an amazing thing.  However, I think it’s really important that we take the time as a human species to start questioning its role in our society.  How much of technology is being used as a tool?  And how much has become a human crutch or dependency?  Take this scenario for instance.  My out of town girlfriend picks me to go to a concert.  She used to live in Philly and is familiar with the city.  When I get in the car she asks me again where we are going.  I tell her the place and she grabs her GPS asking for the address.  I look at her and exclaim, “Really girl?  We are literally going 20 blocks; I think we can manage without a GPS.”  Reluctantly, she puts down the device to trust my navigational directions.

My point here is that if the mind were like a pencil how much is technology blunting its point or sharpening its design?  Perhaps, an even better metaphor for the mind would be to envision a body of water, as 70% of the human brain is water.  I wonder how many blue solo cups are bobbing around the streams of our minds and how much of that trash is a contribution of technology.  Featured below is a youtube clip from the film “Down the Rabbit Hole” that explores the nature of water and the potential power of focused attention via an experiment done by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Do you want proof?  To conduct your own water experiment go to 8:19 of below interview with Dr. Emoto:


Configuring Water Molecules,

A Warrior Princess

Ps. This is the third installment of the Human Nature Series:


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