Valiant Gent Moves

Friday Night I popped into a West Philly coffee house to take in a PPL The Unity performance.  I sat in a chair by the window.  From there I watched a gentleman wheel an oversized grill, equipped with a smoke chimney down a ramp from the back of his pickup.  He parked it in the street; erected a pop-up tent in front and table underneath.  Then he aligned an assortment of condiments on the table.  Once there was a steady plume of smoke from the grill, people arrived.

Whenever I looked over at the scene I met the gaze of a lingering customer.  And, when my girlfriend excused herself to take a phone call, the same customer appeared before me with a styrofoam container.

“Er, I noticed you looking from the window…thought maybe you’d like this.”

I accepted the offering with open hands.

“Wow, incredibly sweet of you.  Thank you.”

I opened the container.  On top was a thick piece of toast; underneath big chunks of charred chicken.  The skin was crispy and smothered in a yellow sauce that smelled like Jamaican jerk seasoning.

“Ummm…” I said, nose hovering over the opened container.  “I was wondering what it smelled like out there.”

The man exhaled and extended his hand.

“My name is Rich.  I told the grill man I wanted to buy you chicken.  He asked what your palette is.  I said I had no idea as it’s for that beautiful girl in the window who I never met.”

I pulled some meat from the bone dipping it in the sauce.

“Well, let’s see how he did.”

“Oh good, you’re not a vegetarian or vegan.  That would have been embarrassing.”

“It’s delicious, here try some.”  I pushed the container towards the empty chair.  “Tell the grill man my palette is happy.”

Rich sat down and grabbed a piece of chicken.

“I like your approach, this stuff is better to pull apart then bite into like a wing.  You gotta see this guy with his mallet,“ Rich said, making exaggerated motions with his right hand. “He chops the whole chicken apart in three whacks.”

I chuckled.  After some small talk he asked for my number to take me out for coffee.  I delicately declined but expressed my gratitude for the chicken and friendly conversation.

A little while later Rich left saying,

“I am so happy I worked up the nerve to do this.  You’re really a good sport.  This is something I’ll never forget.”

“Nor I. First time a man brought me curb side chicken”

We both laughed.  I felt refreshed by his mere presence, approach and authenticity.  I wished Rich luck on his pending poker game, assuring him Karma was on his side.

*         *        *

Saturday night I ate at my bro’s restaurant.  Mid-way through the meal one of his chef friends sat next to me.  In the middle of our conversation a plate of fried chicken passed between us.  I smiled.


“Nothing, just remembering something endearing that happened last night.”

“What’s that?”

I recounted my puppy in the window tale.

 “ How chivalrous.  It’s funny too because just the other day I was discussing with coworkers when chivalry died.”

“Oh yes, the decline of chivalry and the surplus of lameness…I’ve been studying and experiencing this one for a while.  Partially, technology is to blame.”

He shook his head in agreement.

“It’s technology and yoga pants.”

“Yoga pants?”

“Girls walk around in those pants, leaves nothing to our imagination.  I can see every curvature in their baby making units.“


Downward Facing Dog,

A Warrior Princess



5 comments on “Valiant Gent Moves

  1. Jaime Perez says:

    Love this post.

    Love you.

    Nov. 1st = I’m trying to rent out the upstairs room at a local watering hole for my birthday.  You should come.


  2. Mr Brown says:

    Yoga pants aka the gift and the curse. It’s like Angels and demons made a remix on a hip hop beat.

  3. bigbiteblog says:

    What a sweet story. I liked that.

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Mamacita says:

    I will have to rethink my post baby uniform of yoga pant

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