Artists at Play: Authentic Self-Expression * True Stories


Artist: Amelia Longo 

Play: True Stories

Warrior Princess Introduction: Amelia and I have been friends for about four years.  She is one of my few writer friends.  We met in a database training my first week on the job.  When I finally located the dungeon they trained us in, I found Amelia perched on a chair with a notepad and pen in hand.  I was less enthused strolling in with a coffee and a headache.  Those were the early cubicle days, which drained and tested me on a level that is hard to encapsulate in words.  Suffice to say, every day my only goal was to keep my job and make it to the end of the day. True story.

When we were asked to introduce ourselves, Amelia gave an impressive and robust introduction listing respected art institutions she had worked for in the past.  When it was my turn, I said I had just came from waitressing at a beach bar.  Then I looked to my left passing the invisible talking stick along.  Somehow during a session break Amelia and I bonded.  After class, which ended an hour early, I insisted that we didn’t have to go straight back to work.  Amelia was hesitant, but I was unrelenting.  That hour we shared skipping work was the start of a great friendship. True story.

Outside of the family, Amelia was one of the first people I told about my novel.  Our philosophical lunchtime discussions kept my artist self alive and inspired.  When Amelia left her job to pursue other artistic avenues, I knew that she was a rising star.  Last year, Amelia was a part of my Shine On series and birthed her first literary baby in form of a play called True Stories.  Featured above is the YouTube video.  Amelia also participated in the SoLow Festival with her piece, So Cruel: a sibling serenade and was selected as Hybridge Arts Collective Fall 2013 Blueprint Breakout Series Resident Artist. Just this past week I got to see the fruits of her labor with her third play, Fundamental Frequencies.  Tally it up folks…in under a year Ms. Longo has birth not one, but three literary babies. Talk about triplets! Oh yes, and that is a true story.


Enjoy the Show,

A Warrior Princess

PS. The Artist at Play theme will now change every three months for better creative flow.



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