Brand New Day

Dear Reader,

I have missed you. It’s true. Life is more energized when the two of us are jiving. However, it is 2014 the Year of Completion – the only way out is through. I’m learning that this means I must go on my own internal journey, overcome obstacles of my monkey mind and refuse to give way to fear. I’m still planning on finishing what I started, a.k.a my book.

I’m happy to report that in my absence I have finished 12 chapters and the prelude. I also completed a poem. I will share the prelude and poem with you in the next upcoming days. However, as I shift my focus from blog to book there will be longer periods of silence. In these lulls, I’d LOVE to hear from you reader. Drop me a line —— introduce yourself, tell me what’s happening in your world.

Write to me,

A Warrior Princess


4 comments on “Brand New Day

  1. Scorpio Partner in Crime says:

    Climb Mt. Everest with me.

  2. Mr Brown says:

    It’s great to have you back, it’s been too long.

  3. Megan says:

    Glad you are back!!!! Hugs from Missouri

  4. From your last notes you appear to have to grown a higher level of love consciousness!

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